Living off the land!

We are living in desperate times, it's a whole new world, new way of life. RIGHT?

my mother in law with our raised garden beds

"We all may have the ability to be hunter gatherers. I prefer to hunt from my local butcher and gather from the produce department."

We are now in the midst of some pretty unknown times. Who really knows what tomorrow will bring. I, like so many others have a small stock pile of provisions for this, “Until further notice lockdown.” What does that even mean? How do you get enough supplies for until further notice? I know some people out there have been preparing for this day for a while. My sister for one has an entire bedroom dedicated to food storage. I know, she doesn’t look so crazy anymore. As a matter of fact I’m sure all of those doomsday preppers are quite pleased with themselves right now. My brother-in-law was ready to break out the MRE packs the first day. This is like a big deal for that group of individuals. Mind you we can still go to the stores and buy essentials but hey, I’m with this group let’s stay home, live off what we’ve got and slow the spread.

I did what any rational person would do and I put about $1000 into a homemade garden, that if I'm lucky will produce about $20 worth of edible food. Since the only thing I have ever grown is children and I’m seeing more and more each day that didn’t necessarily work out so well, I'm not so confident in this new project. I also planted 6 fruit trees so if we live long enough through all of this we may or may not have fruit in 3 to 5 years. I have 7 raised beds which took a lot of lumber and 3 yards of soil. I planted 10 carrots, 2 melons 5 corns and a handful of strawberries. I'm realizing now I didn’t really think that through.

The upside is that this is an outdoor activity and every child gets a box so we now have gardening class. Mind you I know not one single thing about gardening but then

again I know nothing about 3rd grade math either and I'm now in charge of that as well. I explained to the kids that we are going to learn to live off the land. My mother-in-law who also lives on the property has also joined my gardening class. She is a 64 year old little German lady. She has been in the US since she was 14 but she still has very broken English and never seems to comprehend anything I say. She was very into this gardening class, so much more than any of the kids. She’s like my star student. I see her out watering everyday and she sits out by the beds I assume talking to her little corn stocks, I really don’t know.

So today I look out my living room windows as I sit attempting to do school work with my daughter and I see my mother-in-law walk out to the raised garden. I look back every few minutes to see how she’s doing. I see the water can sitting on the edge of the bed and no mother-in-law in site. I stand up, walk over to the window where I see flashes of this little woman crouched down with her arms raised in front of her, running back and forth down on bended knees along the line of the blackberry bushes. What on earth is that woman doing now? I walk out the door and make my way to her, still very puzzled to her intentions. Not her sanity mind you, she has been the conductor of that train for some time now. A train that I myself have recently hitched a ride on. As I get closer I hear shuffling in the brush in front of her. I’m almost reluctantly ask,“ What is it you're doing out here?” She stood up and without any hesitancy said,“ I’m trying to catch some rabbits.” OK yes Elmer Fudd, you paid very

close attention in gardening class. I did in fact say we are going to live off the land. Isn’t that just something you say when you start a garden? I don’t know but what I do know is NO we are so not there yet. I explained I have an entire chest freezer full of food saver bags filled with tri-tip roasts, hamburger meat and chicken. The rabbit trapping will come much much later. When the freezer is empty and the super markets close and the guy down the street is no longer selling cows and there are no more sheep to steal from the field to our right then we will look into bunny baking but until that day let me take the lead with the meat supply. I did ensure her she would be the first to know when the necessity of a rabbit hunt is in hand. We will no doubt need her knee crouching, arm extending, shuffling back in fourth trapping expertise. As a matter of fact, I think I might just let her take the lead with that class!!

I'll be back tomorrow with more family drama. Until then I'm signing off one Crazy Mad Mama!

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