Substitute teacher would be great!

My class, my instuctions, my rules!!! Lol jokes I make jokes.

school time at the Bock/Goddard residence

"Most people think you give up so much to homeschool. In reality you gain so much more! A migraine, an ulcer, and a larger appreciation for public school teachers."

What's a couple more kids added to the mix?

My Oldest daughter moved back in last night for an undetermined amount of time. She comes bearing my 3 year old menacing twin grandbabies. I love them to absolute pieces, at least when they are not terrorizing everything in sight. Unless it’s cartoon time or they are fast asleep, these two are pretty much wreaking havoc on my house. Nonetheless they are cute so I put up with the mayhem of it all. I have never before seen kids completely destroy an entire living space in 2 minutes flat. The total contents of my kitchen cabinets can be sprawled out across my living room floor in the time it takes me to grab a pile of laundry from the dryer and place them on my bed. They of course make it impossible to get mad at them when they look up with those adorable big brown eyes and pouty lips and say, “Me love you Memaw mostest much.” “Me too Memaw mostest love you too.” They could pretty much burn my house to the ground at that point. I just want to kiss those pudgy sweet cheeks. That feeling is normally short lived until the next thing they destroy. Marker on my couch, crayon all over my floor, box of donuts smashed into my rug, milk poured all over the table, and important bills ripped up all over my counters. So when my daughter says she is coming here to stay awhile I sigh then take a deep breath and let out a long OOOOKayyyyy! 

   I did look at all sides of this and of course how this could be at my benefit. I’m going crazy with all this school stuff. I never signed on to be a teacher so the idea of getting even just one day where I don’t spend 20 minutes crying into a math problem seems like a godsend. With my daughter now here she can be the substitute teacher for the day, yay. Or if it works out, fingers crossed, even longer. I can maybe finally work on organizing my room a bit or finish up painting outside. Have a little me time, that could be great. I woke up this morning so full of hope with how today was going to play out. 

   What a beautiful new day. I can hear the kids already preparing in the, “Classroom” / craft room. I peak around the corner fully expecting my oldest to be proudly working away with her newly assigned class. Building blocks, brighter futures, you know all that stuff. This is however not the scene situated behind the door. No, very much the opposite …. I now have 2 new students in my class. I guess my sub is calling in sick today, yet not before she drops her kids off for their first day of school. Lucky me I have been promoted to pre preschool teacher.  This did not work out in my favor. 

9:00 class begins; 9:15 snack time; 10:00 drawing; 10:10 clean up felt markers off my table top; 10:30 snack time; 11:00 story time; 11:05 throw stuff at Memaws head; 11:10 time out (for me, sometimes you have to step out, take a breath, reevaluate the situation and come up with a new plan of attack );11:20 nap time; 11:25 nap time didn’t work; 11:26 school’s adjourned. 

   I’m quickly finding myself at the conclusion that this whole daughter living here isn’t going to benefit me after all!! As far as my two new students are concerned I will be setting up a very stern parent conference meeting with their mother very soon.

I'll be back tomorrow with more family drama. Until then I'm signing off one Crazy Mad Mama!

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