Teetering on the side of the law!!

Family campout

"Had quite enough of the kids and the spouse, ship them off to grandma's house!"

Visiting your family may sometimes feel like torture but up until now it wasn't illegal!

Enough is enough, I’ve had it. I have never been a lawbreaker. I pride myself on honestly, but even I have my limitations. With the crime wave I have been watching online these days, I figure why not jump on the bandwagon. The cops may show up, I might be hauled off and arrested but at this point I’m willing to take my chances. As a matter of fact I’m a little unclear these days on what the law really is. If there is such laws I’m sure I’m breaking them. Sp what horrible horrific thing have I done, you may ask. Steal food for my hungry family? Rob a bank since I can no longer work, can’t get unemployment and was not sent a stimulus check? Break into my neighbors vacant home because I need a break from my kids? Buy Crack Cocaine from the town junkie to just,“ Get through the day?” Vandalize a business I am jealous of that is still in operation because mine can’t be? No I didn't do any of that, those may still all be in the works for my later more advanced life of crime though. For now my criminal act includes leaving the lock down confined corders of my home to visit and stay with my parents and sisters . That’s right I left house arrest to stay at a home other than my own as a matter of fact I’m here right now camping out in my travel trailer. It feels a little dangerous, I’m not going to lie and I’m definitely on high alert for police sirens. I woke up this morning and a video popped up on face book of the police harassing a mother for letting her kid play outside. I thought, OH SHIT!

So here’s the deal, what are we really doing here? How long is this going to go on? Can we not make decisions about our own safety? I drive through town and the grocery stores are packed. I mean not a single parking spot left. That is never the case in this town and yet here we are with a stay at home order and the whole town is out shopping and that’s perfectly ok? I get my groceries at Walmart because they bring them to the car. Shockingly the line for pick up is always relatively small yet the Walmart parking lot is jammed packed with people that walked in to shop. What the actual heck is going on? If your kid goes outside you get the cops called yet these are the same cops packed into a Walmart like sardines, trying to buy Oreos and ice- cream because cookies and Ben and Jerry’s are essential to staying safe at home. Don't forget to stop by the Dutch bros for that coffee on the way home from Walmart to get your double cafe latte macchiato and don’t worry about the 100’s of cars that went by through that line before you either, before handing over money you just snotted on to the kids making your drinks. Then of course don’t forget to stop at Dominos to grab dinner. I totally trust the kids making my pizza pie to adhere to every sanitizing safety precaution as they make, deliver and collect money for 100’s of pizzas. Just remember when you get home and hug your children because they of course miss you since this was the first 2 hours you spent away from them in a month. Which by the way is no doubt why you were willing to,“ Risk your life,” in the first place by going into the Walmart instead of the takeout line. By all means after all these,“ legal,” things you just did, don’t let your kids outside to play because fresh air is dangerous and against the law.

I just want to recap why I say I don’t really understand what the law is right now. Shopping at box stores with 100’s of people,“ Legal,” buying coffee at a stand that serves 100”s of cars, “Legal,” getting take out and fast food,“Perfectly legal,” but playing outside?Nope, no way under any circumstances. Lock um up throw away the key. After all we now have plenty of room in the prisons for such law breaking offenders considering we let out all the violent ones in fear that they would catch Covid 19 in those close confined quarters.

So yes I decided to take the law into my own hands at this point. Think for myself. Put my judgment in play. After all isn’t that what America is founded on, Freedom? I just don’t know anymore. If you want to do your part and slow the spread then stay home, don’t go to grocery stores, don’t buy fast food and don’t get coffee at drive through. Or do….. It’s legal but don’t tell me not to visit my family because I’m breaking the law.

We made a decision as a family. My parents and my sisters as well as myself have all been stuck at home for over a month we have no signs or symptoms, and have not exposed ourselves to anything or anyone, so we decided let’s get these stir crazy kids and bat shit crazy mamas out of the house. My parents have a nice piece of property so we all brought over our camp trailers, we rented a couple of bounce house waterslide's for the week and we are doing a little family camp out. I highly recommend that anyone that has the option to do such things to take advantage of it. I honestly don’t know what my feeling are anymore about what the country is doing with this whole pandemic. I have read so many different ideas on everything going on. What I do know and understand is mental health and that it can be a very important factor in these times. People tend to forget that health and wellness is not just physical. Mental health in some cases can be so much more detrimental than physical health. So take care of those kiddos physically as well as mentally. The first step to that is take care of yourself. Get out there take a walk, plan a makeshift family campout, or whatever you can dream up. There are so many possibilities out there. For god sakes stop calling the cops on your neighbors for every little thing. Remember before all this we had rights. Don’t let all that’s happening around us cloud that fact.

I'll be back with more family drama. Until then I'm signing off one Crazy Mad Mama!   

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