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The twins morning coffee with MeMaw

"Mayhem and chaos with hysteria combined, each waking day I lose more of my mind!

Is it over yet?

Day 136 of the Covid-19 quarantine . I don’t actually know what day we are on, that just feels about right. To be honest with you I’m not entirely sure what the exact day of the week it is today. I do however know it’s a week day because there’s school work to be done. At least I think it is. Man will I be peeved if I find out I’m doing school work on a weekend. 

   These days I wake up about 5am. That gives me about three hours before the reign of total madness and distraction is thrown upon me. Normally the twins wake up first, I give them their coffee and candy and park them in front of the tv so I can get at least one more hour of me time before the rest of the gang of chaos awakens. I can feel people judging me but it’s desperate times people, we do what we do. Okay they get hot chocolate, not coffee and a mini bag of M&M's because they want to be like MeMaw with coffee and the sack of candy because well their three and they love candy. It’s the first thing they say to me in the morning. Not morning MeMaw, or love you MeMaw it’s, “MeMaw me want coffee and candy.” I’m the grandmother not the mom so I’m entitled to these privileges. 

   The twins are three and learning new things everyday. It’s very possible that toddlers coming out of quarantine will have a different idea of life than toddlers before them.  For instance they may grow up thinking toilet paper is a sacred commodity. These two have obtained a brightly new vocabulary. Their new favorite word is, “HATE.” They hear this word all day long. “I hate being locked up, I hate homeschool, I hate this virus, I hate having no friends, I hate having chores, I hate everyone in this house, I hate my life.”  I know I should stop complaining so much. So ya it was just a matter of time before the boys picked up this word. “Me hate books, me hate fruit, me hate nap, me hate being good, me hate hate.” Well I hate being peed on in my own bed and getting kicked in the back of the head all night or having a child with a stinky diaper sleeping on my head. You have a mother, sleep with her! What is it with grandkids when they come over? They magically forget they have a mother and the mother conveniently forgets she has children. 

   I am the full time mother, maid, teacher, counselor, referee, and activities director. I’m considering packing a bag and a tent and making a new home out within the blackberry bushes. I have no doubt the little vultures would be able to sniff me out as soon as they found something new they needed to complain about. I love my kids and my grandbabies you kind of have to right? When they are born it’s like some sort of imprint they make on your soul. So love is never a question. But LIKE, that’s a whole other meaning entirely now isn’t it?

I'll be back tomorrow with more family drama. Until then I'm signing off one Crazy Mad Mama!   

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